A Culinary Tale

A Culinary Tale

Chesapeake Farmer's Market

Open-air markets offers locally-grown vegetables, fruits, melons, honey, jams, jellies, cider, flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, and herbs.  Many regulars visit every Saturday morning to buy the best and freshest baked goods, fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, crafts, cheese, bison, natural dog biscuits, and much more.  Make new friends, take home a new recipe, and just enjoy yourself on market day.

Passion The Restaurant

A stunning and beautiful restaurant, located in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, featuring creative, innovative cuisine from local farmers and fisherman.   Passion's menu is based on the concept of Terroir, by providing seasonal, regional and local foods prepared using a "French Technique" in an American style. Terroir, a French term associated with wine, coffee and tea, is used to denote the special characteristics that geography bestowed upon them. It can be very loosely translated as "a sense of place" which is embodied in certain qualities, and the sum of the effects that the local environment has had on the manufacture of the product.

Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant

Off the Hook was established in 2014 in the heart of the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake, VA.  Owners Derrick & Jennifer Carpinelli saw the need for a fresh seafood restaurant in the area and aimed to fill it.  Off the Hook has been an overnight success with the community embracing its polished casual atmosphere and more over Off the Hook's desire to work with local businesses and family owned wineries.  The Carpinelli's hired award winning Chef Stephen Gellas as it's operations manager and Chef Mary Prader as its Executive Chef, together these two have accomplished more than many restaurants twice the age of Off the Hook.  If you are looking for quality food, Off the Hook is a must eat !  They offer a large seafood menu, a raw bar featuring the freshest of oysters, shrimp and clams and also for the land lovers, prime cut meats.  Off the Hook has won many competitive food events, including "Taste of Chesapeake" 3 years in a row.  They have also been featured in Virginia Coastal Magazine as a top 25 restaurant in Hampton Roads and Distinction Magazine as a force to be reckoned with.

The Egg Bistro

An independently owned neighborhood bistro that provides fresh, innovative food in a hip, family environment.  Everyone on the staff is wholeheartedly committed to providing the best food and service possible.  The Egg Bistro is located in the heart of Chesapeake.

Jo Slack, CTIS - Sales Manager
Phone Number: (757) 382-6411
Toll Free: (888) 889-5551
Fax: (757) 502-8016

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