KayaXpedition - 2021

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For those looking for yet another reason to visit the region, head to Chesapeake, VA for KayaXpedition. This family-friendly festival held yearly at Oak Grove Lake Park has something for absolutely everyone—from races and classes to live music and local food.


Learn or Practice

Put on by Chesapeake Parks, Recreation and Tourism, the annual KayaXpedition seeks to promote the use of the city’s many waterways.

Kayaking classes are offered for all levels, from those looking to start navigating the waterways to boaters hoping to learn basic terminology of the sport. There will even be opportunities for kayak aficionados simply hoping to brush up on old skills.

You’re more than welcome to bring your own kayak or canoe for $5 or you can rent one on-site. Paddling experts and REI will be on-site to offer expert advice.

Enjoy the Day

With over 65 acres of natural beauty, Oak Grove Lake Park is the perfect location to celebrate the start of summer. The spectacular man-made lake at the heart of the park offers calm waters ideal for canoeing or kayaking. Although the park does not typically allow kayaking and canoeing, a special exception is made for this yearly event.

Spend the day on the lake in your vessel, or bask in the natural surroundings on shore while enjoying quality time with friends, family, and new acquaintances. A 1.5-mile trail runs the perimeter of the lake, so you can also watch the activities from dry land while you hang out on foot or bike. 

There's something for everyone including a DJ and live music, food, and kayak and canoe rentals.

Have a bite or an entire meal at one of the many picnic shelters, paddle to the beat of live music from your kayak, sway along to the sounds from the shoreline, or get advice from one of the on-site experts. And, of course, to fully enjoy this outdoor experience, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Visit the City of Chesapeake website for more information.

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