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Chesapeake Uncovered

Secrets can be fun, but some things are simply too good to keep to yourself. Unique experiences in Chesapeake are share-worthy. Check out the info below. Enjoy on your own, or with friends and family. It’s cool to be that person who says, “Did you know…?” No need to thank us. Just experience and enjoy!   

Upcoming Events

Chesapeake Planetarium Presents "When a Dragon Eats the Sun"

On October 14th the Sun will appear to be eaten by a Dragon...Explore this event. Due to...

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Corn Maze at Bergey's Breadbasket

The Corn maze is back! We're deeming it the year of the baby with a mama goat followed by her...

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Great Bridge Pumpkin Patch

We are so happy to be OPEN FOR THE SEASON. Get that fall decorating started with fresh pumpkins...

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