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Chesapeake African American Heritage Trail

Driving Tour and Podcast

A Journey Through Chesapeake's African American Heritage

The fabric of our country’s history is woven with stories of triumph, struggle, and bravery. Today’s Chesapeake has reflections of our early American history. On the Chesapeake African American Heritage Trail, you will discover stories of people and places that helped shape our nation. Walk in the footsteps of freedom seekers, pioneers, and heroes. Visit sites that echo the heroic outcomes of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, the Underground Railroad and more.

African American Heritage Trail Driving Tour

The Chesapeake African American Heritage Trail includes a self-guided driving tour with multiple sites of interest. Your journey begins with fortitude and heroism at Battlefield Park and the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Great Bridge. Your final stop, Cuffeytown, is a historic community that can be traced to the 1700s. It was formed by black people who were free.

Our companion podcast furthers your personal connection to Chesapeake's African American history. Episodes feature powerful commentary from local historians, artists, and citizens. Engage your senses as you see the sites and hear the history.

History emerges when you know where to go! Click on a location below for details.

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Chesapeake African American Heritage Trail Podcasts

The Chesapeake African American Heritage Trail Podcast is a great companion while on your driving tour. But it can be accessed at any time - at home, in your car, on the beach. These are the available episodes. Check back often for new content.