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Tread the Path to History - Great Bridge Battlefield Tour


Come tread in the footsteps where British soldiers marched through mud, muck, and marshland during the Battle of Great Bridge, December 9, 1775. Visit the site were British troops sought to take over the great bridge and waterways of Norfolk County, VA, just to meet with an unexpected, mighty resistance from Patriot volunteers. Walk on the historic site where the first land battle of the Revolutionary war took place. This battle lasted only 30 minutes but the outcome was of great historical significance. Learn about the battle, the outcome of the fighting, and how patriot soldiers stood up to the best professional soldiers in the world. Among cannon fire and gunfire they kept the crown from seizing, the finest sea port between New York and Charleston. This battle was a great win for patriotism and it helped paved the way to our Country's Independence!

Enjoy this special event on the anniversary of the battle included with museum admission.

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