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Mount Pleasant Farms Peach Picking


We are OPEN for U-PICK peaches. Light picking for about 2-3 weeks. 1/4 peck and 1/2 peck bags will be available. 1/4 peck bags will be $10.25 and 1/2 peck bags will be $18.45 (prices do include tax).

PRE-PICKED peaches will be available inside the store with limited availability. These will be loose peaches by the pound for $3.79 per pound. If you would like a 1/2 or full peck put together for you, you MUST CALL and place an order.

These peaches are CLING peaches which means the peach sticks to the pit, they tend to be a little smaller than freestone, but just as yummy!

You MUST pre-pay inside the store. We will provide you a bag to pick in and you can fill it as full as you can get it.

Blackberries are open too and are VERY prolific right now as we enter into peak season, $5.95 per pound. Pre-picked available as well for $6.99 per pint.

There are LOTS of fresh produce inside the store as well.

If the peach is out of reach, please don’t break our branches to get it. The trees are pruned specifically for you to be able to reach the peaches. The high peaches we pick to have in the store.

*Keep checking our Facebook or call the store for current field conditions. Times and dates subject to change.

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