Blog - Hiking


Just when you thought you knew Chesapeake, you discover a whole new side of the city - and yourself in the process. Visitors from all walks of life and areas of the country unearth inner peace from the sights and sounds of Chesapeake's hidden treasure: hiking trails.

Northwest River Park's 763 acres of magnificent land hold nature adventures for everyone from casual walkers to the most seasoned hiking enthusiasts. Do you love wildlife as much as we do? Then take a hike at the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, where you have the chance to spot some of Virginia's most majestic creatures, including black bears and bobcats. Have your camera ready to snap a shot because all kinds of animal species - including over 200 bird, 96 butterfly and at least 47 species of mammal - roam the refuge. You never know when the perfect photo op will happen. Talk about a walk on the wild side.

If you prefer to make your hiking memories on a shorter course, then take a stroll at Chesapeake City Park's ¾ mile walking trail. No mater your hiking preferences, Chesapeake has the trail for you. Head on over to Chesapeake and let the moments begin.