Once a year, reenactors gather to commemorate the Battle of Great Bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia. This two-day event draws in crowds from across the country, bringing to life a day that forever shaped not only Chesapeake, but the future of the United States. Soon you’ll be able to dig into those fateful events of December 9, 1775 all year long with the opening of the Great Bridge Battlefield and Waterways Visitor Center.

“This labor of love is to teach this generation and the generations to come about our nation’s quest for independence,” says Lin Olsen, Executive director of the Great Bridge Battlefield and Waterways History Foundation. “We were blessed with this history, and to honor that is what this museum is all about.”

The Battle of Great Bridge played a critical role in the Revolutionary War and the subsequent creation of our nation. It was this patriot victory that forced Lord Dunmore, British Royal Governor of Virginia, and his soldiers to evacuate and ultimately leave Virginia.

As a direct result of this victory, four days later the Virginia Convention adopted the first public declaration of independence. It makes you wonder how different our country might be had it not been for the Battle of Great Bridge and its significant contribution to the Chesapeake waterways.

Inside of new History Museum

A soft opening for the museum is slated for December 8, 2018, with the grand opening scheduled for late spring 2019. Wonderful historic destinations like this are supported by donations from people like you. To learn more about how you can help history come to life with an annual membership, call the Great Bridge Battlefield and Waterways History Foundation at (757) 482-4480.


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