Day 1: "Lose Yourself"

Your journey through history starts with a southward trip to Roanoke Island, where the first English explorers stepped ashore in 1584. You learned about the "Lost Colony" of Roanoke in school, but nothing compares to a firsthand look at the site of the most mysterious disappearance in American history. Visit the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site and learn about Roanoke Island's earliest inhabitants. Take a trip in time in the Elizabethan Gardens and view a reproduced early English garden. Head to Roanoke Island Festival Park and see a replica 16th-century ship with costumed re-enactors. Take in a performance of The Lost Colony, a symphonic outdoor drama at the Waterside Theater that tells of 117 English settlers who vanished from Roanoke Island. Maybe you'll have your own theory to the enigmatic disappearance of the Lost Colony before the day is through!

Day 2: "Get Settled"

Start your day by viewing the First Landing Cross, erected by the first permanent English settlers in gratitude to God and affirmation of England's claim to the site on the shore of what is today Virginia Beach. Salty dogs can explore the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse and Museum. Built in 1791-92, the picturesque structure was the first lighthouse authorized by Congress. Climb the 191 steps to the top and smell the sea and feel the sky over Cape Henry and the Chesapeake Bay. Landlubbers will be charmed by the quaint Adam Thoroughgood House and Gardens. The small brick farmhouse was built in the 1680s on land granted by the British crown. Finish the day with the Hampton Roads Harbor Cruise with views of Fort Norfolk, Norfolk International Terminals and Naval Station Norfolk.

Day 3: "The Future May Learn from the Past"

Cap off your journey through the annals of America with a taste of living history in Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown-Virginia's Historic Triangle. Immerse in 17th-century life and trace the colonists' path to freedom as an onboard historical interpreter provides background on the historic area. Tour Jamestown, where the first permanent English settlers arrived in 1607. Experience Colonial Williamsburg, where the ideas of independence and revolution took form. Discover Yorktown, where the surrender of Cornwallis's army prompted the end of the Revolutionary War and the beginning of a new nation conceived in liberty. Visit Chesapeake, Va. and learn why history and travel go hand in hand. Few places have a historical and environmental legacy like that of Chesapeake, and even fewer provide modern travelers with proximity to the sites that made our nation what it is today. With easy access to preserved historical sites and authentic, awe-inspiring museums, we strive to educate visitors about Virginia's role in the creation of our fledgling nation. Come and experience all we have to offer in Chesapeake and the surrounding area: outdoor sports galore, easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, a vibrant musical and cultural scene, and picturesque strolls in a green and beautifully preserved environment.

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