Chesapeake Garden Week - April 22, 2017
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Chesapeake Garden Week - April 22, 2017

Originally a land grant to Thomas Brown in 1640, the area surrounding the banks of the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River has developed from colonial plantations to thriving 19th century produce farms to lovely riverfront homes interspersed with family farms which maintain its pastoral history.  The riverbanks are home to egrets and herons; fish and crabs still swim in the water.  Locals pick strawberries where market vegetables once grew.  Explore the transition of an area which still celebrates it native fish and wildlife, as well as the fertile land upon which it was built.  Five properties on this tour are open for Historic Garden Week for the very first time.

Hosted by:

The Elizabeth River Garden Club
The Nansemond River Garden Club
Franklin Garden Club



Laura McDermott
(757) 621-1358

Nina McConnell
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Amy Browne
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